> PaynetEasy tells about Leads Protecting System, a solution that can safe thousands of dollars for forex/bunary brokers

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Finance magnates, initially focused on the Forex B2B sphere, wrote exclusive about Leads Protecting System. The solution that stops leads theft and protects valuble clients’ leads on both internal and external level was first presented to an audience this spring on the IFX Expo 2016. >>

> PaynetEasy in “Chief Information Officer” article

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In a new “Chief Information Officer” issue representatives of finanсial, payments industry and fintech market speak about the relationships between banks and fintech companies: what are they now and what are they supposed to be in future. «Banks is the foundation of financial market, its skeleton, and fintech – its innovative power that moves the… >>

> Payment module for Prestashop

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Dear friends, following a request from our customers, we have added a payment module for the platform Prestashop You can download the module from our account in the GIT >>

> OpenWay certified SellbyCell mPOS solution with Chip&PIN support

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Certification of a mobile acquiring solution with Chip&PIN support is a first for the Russian market OpenWay and SBC Technologies (SellbyCell trademark) announced certification of the first mobile POS Chip&PIN solution in Russia for compliance with OpenWay technical requirements for EMV support and compatibility with the WAY4 payment card issuing software solution. A mobile payment… >>

> Capabilities of Multi-Acquiring, or why one shouldn’t put all his eggs in one basket

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This proverb is very popular when talking about money. Usually it is used in relation to keeping personal savings in one currency or on a single bank account. But it’s not only individuals worried about the safety of their money, who should follow this wisdom, but also large online stores and trading sites, as well as processing companies that provide their services to e-commerce businesses. >>

> Opening new horizons for our mPOS-Solutions

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International Conference “Mobile Services and Payments – MobiEvent’13” >>

> PCI DSS Standard: Latest Trends

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August, 2013 was notable for three significant news events related to PCI-DSS standard for security of online payments. >>

> 10 Interesting facts about Bitcoin – the new e-money

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Development of new technologies and solutions always causes loud response from those spheres related to such invention. When the point at issue is an attempt to invent new digital money, all market sectors that are more or less interested in simple and secure methods to conduct digital transactions are involved. >>

> Evolution of money transfer systems: from “flying” money to transfer of codes

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Need to send money from one place to another occurred immediately after money became an inseparable part of the trade relations system. Nowadays “money transfer” is a term that needs no further explanation and it’s a common occurrence in relations between people. >>