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To earn more on payments, you must offer merchants a solution that would enable them reach more customers and grow their business. A solution that can be easily managed and which requires low maintenance and support costs.

Increased acceptance
The Payneteasy platform will help increase traffic volume thanks to tools that enable customers pay in any way that is convenient for them. The balancing system provides flexible traffic management. Error notification and statistics of failure causes will help to quickly find out the reason for a decrease in passability and restore normal volumes.
Risk management
Risk management tools efficiently handle the following main threats to business:
  • Fraudulent traffic;
  • Fines and increase in maintenance costs due to large number of chargebacks;
  • Financial and reputation risks.
Business Automation
You no longer need to spend resources on a team of analysts who manually collect the necessary data. You will be receiving all data automatically.
Analytics and Management
Thanks to the analytical capabilities of the Payneteasy platform, you will be able to answer the most important questions:
  • how much am I earning?
  • Which traffic is fetching me the earnings?
  • Who are my clients?
  • What risks do I protect myself from?