Fraud Prevention & Monitoring System


    The growth of the non-cash payments market led to an increase in fraud activities, which cause severe reputation and financial losses for acquiring banks and payment service providers


  • To prevent such possible losses, acquirers, payment service providers, and merchants who are involved in payment processing need to have effective anti-fraud software solutions.


  • In many cases anti-fraud systems either consist of a rule engine, where all anti-fraud rules (conditions) need to be created by the customer, or use a complicated anti-fraud product which make the prevention decisions automatically, but without notifying you the reason why transactions were really stopped (it might provide a score without explaining the details).


  • Furthermore, to create a new rule or configure a model, the fraud analysts need to run a deep analysis of the merchant’s business and his whole transactions base. To effectively analyze the data, they need to have a complete set of usable and comprehensible tools, such as visual charts and diagrams with drill-down capabilities, powerful reporting mechanism with many criteria, grouping capabilities, and the ability to query the data for long time periods.


  • PaynetEasy Fraud Prevention System — based on our many years of experience with fraud prevention, we developed an anti-fraud solution which is positioned to effectively address all of the above issues. PaynetEasy Fraud Prevention System (FPS) is an anti-fraud system that includes a full set of software tools and adaptive models, set to automatically detect and block client and merchant fraud activities. The system also provides the analysis and verification tools for security and fraud officers and fraud analysts.

  • PaynetEasy Fraud Prevention System provides you with a full feature set, including:

  • Full history data base analysis — while some systems in the market, use only a limited time-frame window for analysis, our technology allows us to run on the full database of transactions history, providing a more accurate fraud decision, with a lower number of false positives.


  • Easy Start — The system contains default filter profiles configured for different type of businesses which can start working effectively without spending time on the initial configuration.


  • Easy Profile Validation — Fraud analysts can easily change any filter profile configuration, add a new rule and run a profile verification process, on the chosen transaction dataset.


  • Easy Problem Management — Easy-to-understand reporting and visualization tools, like charts and diagrams, allow the security officers to detect possible problematic situations before they cause losses and run a corresponding response plan for it. Furthermore, a built-in alerting and notification mechanism can be configured to receive automatic notifications about critical events via email and text messages.


  • Easy Integration with Third Party Systems — The system is highly flexible and can be integrated with any of the client’s business process, tailored to their business needs.


  • Forecasting of increased fraud activity — the system enables analysts to quickly obtain information about potential threshold crossing of CTR (charge-back to transaction ratio) based on the payment systems rules. Furthermore, our system has proved its ability to effectively avoid the anti-crisis programs of Visa and MasterCard, which might lead to financial penalties or even revoking the acquiring license and reputation loss.


  • Training and support program — Customers can either choose to use their own fraud analysis team who could be quickly and easily trained to use our tools, or they can use our services to fulfill their need for a fraud department.



Our business models are tailored to your needs. You can get the product in a software as a service (SaaS) model, based only on shared revenues, which allows you to launch your mobile payment service at an affordable setup price. Alternatively, you can buy a software license.

PaynetEasy Fraud Prevention System enables you to enjoy the most comprehensive anti-fraud solution in the market! It minimizes your fraud risks and reduces your losses at an affordable price!