Social Networking Loyalty Program

  • Simple usage
    – Any payment card can be used for multiple loyalty programs
  • Individual settings
    – Each merchant can set the loyalty program rules
  • Affordability
    – Low cost implementation and management
  • Viral Marketing
    – Share promotions via social networks, get it propagate to a large number of customers

How does it work?

  • The merchant connects the POS/mPOS terminal through PaynetEasy system to the Bank
  • Using a web interface, the merchant sets the loyalty program Discounts and/or Cash-Back rules
  • PaynetEasy system automatically applies the rules for each payment
  • PaynetEasy system provides the merchant with analysis reports of the loyalty program results
  • All communication with the customers including a single click registration and promotion notifications is done via social networks

PaynetEasy System – Features

  • Monitoring and analysis.
  • Reporting.
  • Full compliance with PCI-DSS security standard.
  • Easy integration with the merchant back-end systems.


Benefits for the merchants

  • Increase customers loyalty and sales volume by launching a customized loyalty program
  • Get better awareness for the promotions via social networks
  • Fast and low-cost implementation of loyalty programs
  • Save R&D and loyalty cards issuing costs
  • Flexible settings of loyalty program rules via web interface
  • Custom short-term discounts campaigns for advertising purposes
  • Useful for any merchant size — from a local stores to retail chains or franchise holders

Advantages for the Bank

  • Additional marketing tools for recruiting new merchants as customers
  • Reduce costs comparing to develop and support their own loyalty system


  • White-label solution and additional benefits of PaynetEasy management tools
  • Allows banks to provide additional loyalty benefits to the customers

Benefits for the customer

  • Immediate cash-return/discount on every sale
  • No needs to carry multiple loyalty cards
  • Easy one click registration and promotion notifications via social networks
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