Processing Platform

  • As a payment service provider, you are aware of the complexity of managing all the aspects of the payment processing, which include:

    • - Connections to different payment acquirers and institutions
    • - Reporting
    • - Analysis
    • - Security issues

  • PaynetEasy Global Payments Processing Platform is a white-label, customized software solution that provides automated and secure processing of transactions between end-users and merchants, while optimizing all the payment aspects of the organization. The processing platform is designed for payment providers and financial institutions, selling payment services to their customers.


  • Security — as with all of our solutions, the payment-processing platform is fully compliant with the PCI DSS Level 1 payment card industry standard. Security consulting services are provided by our experienced security team.


  • Analysis and Monitoring Tools (platform) — the platform provides a comprehensive set of tools that facilitates obtaining analytical and detailed information of any aspect of the payments process across the board, from the first level support up to top management.


  • Fast & flexible connections — the platform provides a unified and easy integration API for fast merchant connection without the need of hiring highly skilled IT engineers. This allows merchants to quickly accept different types of payments from e-wallets and money transfer systems to credit cards and micro-payments. This results in reduced payment fees by configuring (building) optimal payment strategy.


    Affordable Pricing — Our fully comprehensive solution reduces your spending on external products and services such as:

    • E-commerce or card-present-payment modules
    • Support and accounting payments management system for merchants and banks

    Furthermore, instead of purchasing a 3rd party anti-fraud solution, you get our PaynetEasy Fraud Prevention System with seamless integration at no extra cost! Our usage of in-house and open source software solutions relieves you from any third-party license and support fees. This translates into a low TCO (total cost of ownership), that allows you to offer your customers great competitive prices.


  • Fast deployment — We can provide our clients with a PCI DSS Level1 certified payment solution easily and quickly in less than two weeks time.




  • Our business models are tailored to your needs. You can get the product in a software as a service (SaaS) model, based only on shared revenues, which allows you to launch your mobile payment service at an affordable setup price. Alternatively, you can buy a software license.