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Adding payment capabilities to your application
As a business to business (B2B) application vendor, adding the ability to your business customers to accept credit cards payments, through your software will be of great value. Your business customers could improve their businesses and you could get a share of their turnover.

The need for a comprehensive payment solution
E-commerce is relatively easy to implement and there are numerous providers for that. However, for a complete payment solution you would also need to offer mobile payment and the ability to accept card payments via a smartphone or a tablet and a credit card reader.
Here the options are more you are forced to use the provider`s hardware and application.

PaymentEasy Solution
PaynetEasy offers you a one stop shop for all your payment requirements. Fom e-commerce to mobile payments, to card presence POS/m-POS, we have it all. We can help you in selecting the best hardware card readers in the market and will help you in integrating all the payment services into your application. This will allow you to maintain the same look and feel of your application, in all the payment services you offer. THe platform also supports credit card binding.

PaynetEasy add-on
Enjoy PaynetEasy add-on applications such as loyalty programs, fraud prevention and smart routing

Our platform includes an advanced management system that will allow you and your customers to easily set and manage your payment services. You could monitor any transaction status, generate sales reports and much more.