Hardware vendors


The market
As a hardware vendor you can see the great opportunities in the growing markets of mPOS devices, vending machines credit cards reader and more. These markets are growing fast, with a sharp increase of payment readers usage and a fast price drop of the hardware components that enable accepting credit cards.

Our partnership program
PaynetEasy now offers a great partnership program for hardware vendors that will allow you, as a hardware vendor, to easily extend your business from pure hardware sales to a complete payment service model.

The major benefits
This model includes full integration of your hardware and our PaynetEasy software suite. This allows you to quickly increase your revenues and differentiate yourself from other hardware vendors.

Fast time to market
With quick deployment using our consulting services and affordable business model, you can start offering your customers full mobile/on-line payment services within several months.

Consulting services
will help you in all the aspects of the project and guide you to a quick and easy solution.