Payment Providers


Fast deployment
using our ready to use PCI-DSS certified servers.

Cost optimization
using our smart payment routing will ensure you will pay the minimal possible rate per each transaction!

Reduce your customer support costs
all of the customer’s payment reports and information are available for self usage by clients via the internet.

Multiple interfaces integration
we can assist you in finding and choosing the best payment hardware you need and integrate them to our platform. This approach will allow you to constantly use the latest and greatest payment hardware that is

our open platform allows us to adjust the system to your specific needs. Unlike “closed” systems in the market, our platform was initially design to be tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Our experienced software engineers can quickly and efficiently modify or add features to the system based on your specific needs.

3rd party integration
our open platform allows combining multiple connectivity to various 3rd party systems, that will optimize your customers works. For example sending reports to 3rd party management systems, integration to 3rd party customers management systems or integration to 3rd party anti-fraud systems.

Flexible business models:
SaaS (Software as a Service) – Our shared revenue model allows you to start working quickly without the need for a time consuming and expensive investment in developing your payment technology.

Software licensing – install our payment software on your servers. This is applicable for very high transaction volume, or when it is legally required.

Reduce your risk
by using our fraud prevention system

Constant improvement
we constantly add new features and add-on to our platform that will improve your service and competitive edge.

that will improve the way your customers are using our system.

While label
all the services you offer your customers will be under your brand name and logo!