Payment Management

We make it easy

PaynetEasy platform allows to effectively manage and monitor all the payment process aspects

Reporting & Analysis
The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools that facilitates obtaining analytical and detailed information of any aspect of the payments process across the board, from the first level support up to top management.

Access Management
Easily manages the access rights of the different parties using the management tools, by the rolls the play. This includes for example management, financial department, merchants and banks.

Fraud & Risk Management
Easy-to-understand reporting and visualization tools, like charts and diagrams, allow the security officers to detect possible problematic situations before they cause losses and run a corresponding response plan for it.

Rates Management
Set and control the rates you apply to various merchants.

Loyalty Management
Set and manage all the aspects of running a loyalty program from registration, to sales promotions to grants loyalty benefits.

Statement and Fee Management
Monitor and control credit card companies fees.