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Reliable platform

Technology is a key factor, when it comes to payments. How fast you are, how stable you are, how flexible you are.

With Payneteasy technologies, you can be sure that you have a robust system for a stable and profitable business.

  • Designed for high loads. The processing solution powered by a proprietary standalone platform can withstand up to 10 million transactions per day.
  • Stable operation 24/7. Our processing centers are located on two platforms – in Amsterdam and Moscow – and are connected by a fail-safe channel. Even if there are problems accessing one of the platforms, your solution will continue working on the other platform with the same capacity.
  • The flexible architecture of the solution easily adapts to the requirements of any business and allows you to embed data processing algorithms at any stage of the payment process: data transfer in CRM and ERP, loyalty systems and much more.
  • The system is constantly being updated. Our development team regularly improves the solution with new features and implements upgrades based on your needs.
  • The payment infrastructure is subjected to an annual audit for compliance with PCI DSS standards.