who are we?   why choose us?   who needs our solution?

We are a team of experts in payments, IT and security technologies that provide a fully customized and competitive payment solution to our customers.

Whether you already have a payment solution that could be optimized to work better, or you wish to start offering a new one, we, as your technology partner, will provide a full suite of tailored solutions, based on your needs.

Our solutions include:

  • Payment processing
  • Payment management
  • Fraud prevention
  • Security analysis
  • Mobile payment

A fully customized solution
Our technical solutions will always be customized according to your requests to meet your needs.

Fast implementation
We can provide you with a full operating solution within 30 days!

Flexible business model
From software licensing to software as a service based on shared revenues, we will work together to find the best business model for you.

We are purely a technology provider that does not and will not offer direct payment services, therefore there will never be any commercial conflict of interest between us.

Our happy customers are using our technological solutions in Europe and Asia.

Our customers range from banks to PSPs, credit cards companies, and from loyalty card operators to new providers of payment services like mobile operators.
We offer a partnership program to mobile application vendors, e-commerce, m-commerce & hardware vendors to help them better serve their customers using our technology.



As a payment service provider
you are aware of the complexity of managing

We are certified Technology partners of MasterCard. We’re engaged in Visa Ready, VPP, VSPP and MasterCard MoneySend.