Routing and balancing system

Flexible traffic routing and balancing system provides huge possibilities to set routing based on any traffic’ type, business specifics, risk-management requirements. It also helps to consider the agreements with acquirers and other financial institutions.

  1. Routing system

    Allows to combine different types of traffic in one group for a further processing. Routing criterion could be based on any transaction API’ parameter as well as on parameters generated during the processing flow.

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  2. Machine learning balancing system

    Machine learning balancing system accumulates processing statistic and helps to define which acquirer is more useful for the different traffic types.

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  3. Limits and filters

    USe limits and filters in order not to exceed the permissible traffic volumes for business, merchant or even for a customer.

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Combining these components allows to configure the necessary rules for routing and processing traffic easily . Thus, all requirements and policies of each participant from merchant to acquirer will be considered.

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