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Optimization Tools and Features

Payneteasy wants to make sure that every legit transaction through the gateway turns into profit. It takes an array of features to make that happen, and by white labeling the Payneteasy solution, you have immediate access to them all!

Traffic Routing System
Send in traffic, and get back profit. The traffic routing system significantly increase acceptance
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Recurring Payments
Flexible settings of recurring payment scenarios of any complexity, automated or manual.
Loyalty System
Increase sales by letting merchants give classic discounts, vouchers, and bonus programs.
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Risk and dispute management tools
Paynetesy platform brings you with a wide range of tools for fraud prevention, including customizable anti-fraud filters, behavior analysis, seamless Ethoca connection. Dispute management toolkit will increase the efficiency and pace of dispute cases handling.
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Financial reporting and analysys
Advanced reporting system will provide you with an up-to-date information: merchant, banks and 3rd party reconciliations, earnings and traffic distribution reports and others. Analytical tools will help you to stay on top of your business development.
360° business support
Be ready to see your business grown and kept in line with modern market requirements: well provide you will the new technologies and features based on the innovative payment trends, we’ll accompany your project through the all working stages, we’ll be responsible for employees’ trainings and consult your key partners if needed.
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