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Banks and payment institutions

Payneteasy is the flexibility layer banks need to cater to new and non-standard payment interactions, introduce new integrations, services and products in a matter of days!

Easy access to technology:
• Card-to-Card payments, MC Money send and Visa Direct
• Merchant payout services
• Integrations to 3rd party providers - face recognition software, KYC, fraud / chargeback prevention providers (such as Maxmind or Ethoca)
Flexibility Layer Business Advantages:
• Quickstart onboarding of new merchants
• No need to expand technology team
• Save IT development costs and resources
• Accept non-standard requests from your clients – any payment interaction is possible!

3 Reasons to Integrate with Payneteasy

  1. Gain quick access to technologies that easily adapt to banking processes and procedures.
  2. Release products that meet modern customer needs and industry standards.
  3. Position yourselves as leaders in the innovative payment market with little investment.

Forget lengthy processes that stunt your bank's business growth! Integrate with Payneteasy, and position yourself as a technological leader, that can cater to all payment interactions.

Payneteasy Payment Gateway
Offer your customers a payment solution that would enable them earn more, while increasing your turnover and boosting your profits.
Special tailor-made projects
Create your own projects with payment and card data handling.
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