Fraud and Risk Management

Payneteasy is committed to providing a wide range of risk-management and dispute-management tools to improve flow of payments and reduce the potential impact of fraud.

By using our anti-fraud solution, companies do not need to integrate themselves with 3rd party systems as Payneteasy automatically provides a cutting edge anti-fraud solution that protects your businesses 24/7.

  1. Multi-stage anti-fraud system

    Multi-stage anti-fraud system designed to analyze client traffic for each merchant by filtering out fraudulent card transactions and creating fraud attributes for each business.

  2. Ethoca integration to decrease chargeback ratio

    Payneteasy offers seamless integration to Ethoca to reduce chargeback ratio without needing to develop the integration individually. The use of Ethoca helps manage fraud and chargebacks, and improves overall ratio and reduces the chances of fraud.

  3. Dispute Management Tools

    Payneteasy provides PSP’s and merchants with a wide range of tools to ensure that in the event of disputes, the process is managed in the most effective way. This includes automatic chargeback notifications, clear display of chargeback status, and chargeback level calculation based on EFT rules.

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