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Business support

Payneteasy routinely studies industry trends and improves the system accordingly. Doing so helps us ensure our partners always have the best level of service and maximum flexibility and functionality for all their payment needs.

Business support

Emailing about new features and functionality

Business support

Up-to-dated technical documentation

Business support

Online presentation of a new functionality

Payneteasy works together with partners in order to provide customized functionalities based upon each companies’ unique and precise needs.

Integrated support system

To ensure your Payneteasy experience is as smooth as possible, we provide comprehensive technical support, ongoing guidance during the launch, and configuration and training of the payment platform.

Support includes:

  1. Welcome presentation and employee training.

  2. Speedy communication via Payneteasy website, e-mail, messengers and other channels.

  3. Major merchants support.

  4. Participation in negotiations with major merchants.

  5. Serving as technical specialists of payment service provider when necessary.

  6. 24/7 support.

  7. Dedicated ticketing center.

Fully Functional Testing Environment

To ensure transition is seamless, Payneteasy offers use of a fully functional testing environment for all partners. The Payneteasy sandbox enables companies to organize test integrations and merchants’ connections in the most efficient way possible, ensuring each new start is as optimized as possible.

Business support
  • 3D Secure tests.
  • Ability to test e-commerce and card transactions.
  • Ability to log test operations and corrections of errors.
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