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Solution Management

All API parameters transferred to the system real-time

5-level user hierarchy system with different access levels provides companies with the ability to manage:
  1. Unlimited users with differing rights and access permissions.

  2. Unlimited employees whose roles and permissions can be manually managed.

Over 500 different roles and permission controls that can be easily managed so companies can customize user accounts depending on specific needs.
Solution Management

When creating new users, it is possible to define the role and their permissions, and duplicate the role if needed.

Platform branding and full white label solution

With Payneteasy, companies can white label the platform to provide a branded solution including:

Solution Management
  • Logo and brand color implementation.
  • Branded documentation portal.
  • Customizable payment forms and pages according to the PSP or merchant’s unique brand identity.
Merchant account creation and management
  1. Creation of new merchant account in less than 5 minutes.

  2. Flexible and clear settings for optimal traffic routing, balancing, and risk-management.

  3. Quick duplication of projects with repetition of complex schemes improving balancing and risk-management.

  4. Creation of a single point of entry for the merchant in the event that a project requires connections to several payment gateways.

Connecting new businesses with individual API configuration.

With Payneteasy, it is possible to create and set individual API for PSPs and merchants that are unable to use the current platform’s API. When this happens, a new API is created based on the client requirements and payment flow specifications.

Configurable transaction schemes based on unique business and project needs

Payneteasy provides a payment solution not only for standard card and APM processing, but also for individual projects and businesses with unique transactions, payment instruments, or schemes of interaction between the chain participants. All of this can be easily integrated into the payment flow when using the Payneteasy platform.

Regardless of your industry or business goals, Payneteasy has the optimal payment processing solution to help you actualize your needs.

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