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Prior to his current position as CEO of the leading payment and compliance platform provider Payneteasy, Boaz’s background included the benchmarks of CEO at Aquitek Systems, and Director of Sales at RAD, an Israeli IT firm. He holds a BA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tel Aviv University.
Boaz Gam

Recent articles

By Boaz Gam

Payment Conversions - A Quick Guide to Increase Them

The conversion rate equals the success of your business. We’ll review the reasons why they can be low, and explain how you can fix that issue with card transactions and other payment methods.

By Boaz Gam

Gateway to Success: Why Is a Payment Gateway the Best Solution for E-commerce?

A payment gateway is a tool that no e-commerce company can do without. Let's see why and which benefits it will bring.

By Boaz Gam

PCI DSS Certificate & Why Your Business Needs It Right Now

PCI DSS is a security standard that was designed to protect credit/debit card transactions. Let’s see why your company needs it and which benefits it will bring.

By Boaz Gam

Is an Ecommerce Payment System Secure?

Ecommerce transactions are a great opportunity to quickly transfer money from a client to a merchant, without errors, high fees, time losses, and long queues.

By Boaz Gam

What is Chargeback and How to Avoid it?

Online payment using a bank card is convenient for cardholders. However, there are cases when services or goods are not provided (or provided not in full). In such cases, a customer has a chance to get money back. A chargeback procedure is provided for this.

By Boaz Gam

Trade Acquiring – What is it and Who is it suitable for?

Trade (offline) acquiring is a service connected by banking institutions so that any retail point of sale, from a local store up to large supermarkets, can accept cashless payments. For this purpose, a specialized device – a POS terminal – is required to make payments using the client’s bank card.

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