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Prior to his current position as CEO of the leading payment and compliance platform provider Payneteasy, Boaz’s background included the benchmarks of CEO at Aquitek Systems, and Director of Sales at RAD, an Israeli IT firm. He holds a BA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tel Aviv University.
Boaz Gam

Recent articles

By Boaz Gam

What Is an Integrated Payment System and Why Your Business Needs It

Providing a brilliant customer experience is among the top goals of businesses worldwide. Achieving it brings plenty of benefits, from increased brand awareness to boosted revenues.

By Boaz Gam

How to Stay Ahead of Emerging Forms of Payment Fraud in 2022

Payment fraud keeps the world in a constant state of alert. The numbers speak for themselves - Q3 of 2021 has seen over 56,000 payment fraud attacks globally. That is 14% more than in the previous quarter and equals to a 274% year-over-year increase.

By Boaz Gam

Chargebacks 101: What They Are and How to Prevent Them

As a person involved in business, you’ve probably heard of chargebacks. These operations are rather common yet extremely disadvantageous for merchants.

By Boaz Gam

Payment Trends That Are Expected to Shape 2022

We live in an eventful time that requires flexibility and innovation. In the past few years, we’ve seen many spheres of our lives undergo significant changes, from healthcare and education to retail and logistics. The payment industry is a link between all these key areas, so it keeps adjusting alongside them.

By Boaz Gam

Payment Trends 2021: Expectations Vs. Reality

The pandemic that started back in late 2019 and is still going strong years from then led to changes in shopping dynamics. Lockdowns and social distancing measures imposed significant challenges to brick-and-mortar stores and forced retail businesses to adapt to the constantly fluctuating situation.

By Boaz Gam

Subscription Payment — A Magic Key to More Sales

The subscription payment model is adapted by more companies these days. What’s the secret behind this uproar? Let’s investigate

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