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Fintegrate Cashier System from Payneteasy: Everything You Need to Know

Boaz Gam

Boaz Gam


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Fintegrate Cashier System from Payneteasy: Everything You Need to Know

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  1. Payment Managers
  2. Risk Managers
  3. CFOs

Balancing out the payment process can be a continuous struggle for platform providers and large merchants who manage multiple PSPs. This practice often leads to reduced acceptance rates, wasted time and resources, and errors in charges.

Furthermore, the uncertainty regarding where to route traffic exacerbates these issues, resulting in lower approval and conversion rates. It is also not uncommon for multiple parties involved in a company's payment processes, such as risk managers, payment managers, and CFOs, to fail to act in sync.

The solution to these challenges lies in consolidating all payment methods, PSPs, and wallets into a single interface, optimizing payments with minimum risks involved, and providing all stakeholders with the tools they need to perform at their peak. At Payneteasy, we have developed a system that can do just that!

How Can Payneteasy Fintegrate Cashier System Help?

Payneteasy Cashier System called Fintegrate meets all of the business needs listed above. It boasts a remarkable uptime of 99.9% and supports more than 600 integrations with various payment providers, such as international credit cards, local debit cards, APMs, wire transfers (with automatic invoicing), and even cryptocurrency.

Besides, it enables merchants to customize their dynamic payment page based on countries, currencies, and languages upon integration, which allows their clients to have a payment experience that matches their needs and preferences the most.

Fintegrate is empowered by the Payneteasy engine, which offers a bank-grade environment with PCI DSS level 1. By integrating with this Cashier System, you add a technological "flexibility layer” to your operations, which lets you easily and quickly incorporate new PSPs, APMs, and other payment solutions.

What’s more, Fintegrate has the power to streamline financial management by eliminating tedious manual calculations and complex Excel spreadsheets. Its system calculates rates for banks, APMs, and PSPs, and facilitates reconciliation to ensure accuracy in processing fees that were paid and received.

Overall, Fintegrate’s infrastructure offers unique and customizable payment opportunities, saving you valuable business resources. It also provides useful tools to manage financial tasks efficiently for your key employees, such as:

Payment Managers

Fintegrate features a consolidated interface, which allows payment managers to access unified reports and statements that cover the traffic from all PSPs. Additionally, they receive comprehensive profit reports and have analytical tools at hand to track earnings in real time.

Moreover, with the help of Fintegrate, payment managers will stay up-to-date on the reasons for declines related to each processor. They can also customize rules for different types of traffic routing, utilizing balancing and cascading tools for speedy and effective processing. These measures will inevitably lead to higher acceptance rates and optimize the routing process for increased efficiency.

Risk Managers

Fraud is widely recognized as a debilitating problem that poses plenty of issues for risk managers. However, by implementing over 70 anti-fraud and risk filters and integrating seamlessly with Ethoca for added chargeback protection, your can ensure that your payment channels are secured and your employees are fully equipped to prevent dishonest activity.


Fintegrate enables CFOs to conveniently verify the accuracy and alignment of figures with predetermined parameters established with merchants and banks.

The platform features automated updates via API for reconciliation, clearly identifies and displays any discrepancies in data, and allows CFOs to access pre-made or tailored reports based on various transaction types and timeframes.

For further details about the Fintegrate Cashier System, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected]!

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