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Payneteasy CMS: The Ultimate Payment Scenario Fine-Tuning System

Boaz Gam

Boaz Gam


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  1. What Are the Key Features of Payneteasy CMS?
  2. Who Will Benefit from Payneteasy CMS the Most?

We are excited to introduce Payneteasy CMS, our latest module designed to redefine and further customize payment scenarios for diverse client categories and individual consumers. Find out how this state-of-the-art customer base management system works and why it can be a game-changer for your business!

What Are the Key Features of Payneteasy CMS?

Payneteasy CMS enables businesses to divide their customers into distinct categories based on any required parameters with the goal of improving payment experiences, boosting transaction security, streamlining the checkout flow, and ultimately driving revenue growth.

These categories can be configured using Payneteasy Payment Gateway. Alternatively, you can define them within your CRM or any other system and send them via an API.

Advanced consumer segmentation supports the configuration to redefine the payment flow for pay-in (deposit) and pay-out (withdrawal) transactions. The core capabilities of Payneteasy CMS for individual customers or client clusters include:

  • Setting specific payment methods and their automatic display in the form
  • Defining the most optimal payment processing channels and setting appropriate limits
  • Creating payment links with a custom checkout flow via a Virtual Terminal
  • Viewing traffic associated with customer IDs on the order search screen

The list of the system’s cutting-edge features goes on!

Who Will Benefit from Payneteasy CMS the Most?

Payneteasy CMS is designed to assist in developing tailored strategies for each client, ensuring that your most valuable customers have a top-notch payment experience, while reducing the potential risks associated with new or unreliable consumers. This allows companies using this module to significantly enhance their customer management processes and payment flow.

Overall, Payneteasy CMS is a tool relevant to businesses across a variety of industries that prioritize a personalized approach to clients and effective risk mitigation. Some organizations that are sure to get the most out of this module are casinos, large companies operating in the forex industry, and iGaming businesses with well-developed customer bases.

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