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Payneteasy Joins the Ranks of Google Pay’s Certified Participating Processors

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Payneteasy - Google Pay’s Certified Participating Processor

We're extremely proud to announce that Payneteasy has officially become a part of the community of gateways and payment processors supporting the Google Pay API.

In addition, Payneteasy is now Google Pay’s authorized partner enabling the system’s easy integration.

Google Pay is a solution that allows consumers to conduct transactions with a wide range of payment methods and devices, facilitating 31% of global mobile purchases. Payneteasy has now directly integrated it and is featured on Google Pay’s list of participating processors.

Collaborating with Google Pay makes transactions smoother, faster, and safer on all levels thanks to its variety of cutting-edge features, such as built-in wallet maintenance and payment handling. That’s why businesses worldwide have reported an increase of up to 600% in the number of unique users making purchases with Google Pay.

Today, Google Pay is used by over 100 million people, and the consumer demand for it as the primary payment method keeps growing, so it’s important to offer it at your store. To do it, you’ll need a payment gateway with a Google Pay integration.

That’s where Payneteasy comes in! Our payments platform is here to empower you to accept and manage an extensive array of payment methods, including Google Pay, with a single user-friendly dashboard. Create your Payneteasy account now and explore all the game-changing features!

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