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Dispute Management Tools

Payneteasy provides PSP’s and merchants with a wide range of tools to ensure that in the event of disputes, the process is managed in the most effective way. This includes automatic chargeback notifications, clear display of chargeback status, and chargeback level calculation based on EFT rules.

Notification of transaction status change due to chargebacks
Dispute Management Tools

The Payneteasy dispute-management functionality provides different ways to set automatic chargeback notification that ensure that PSPs and merchants gets all the information they need about chargebacks the moment they take place and appear in the bank-system.

This helps risk managers optimize their risk assessment workflow by reducing the time spent on data actualization.

Chargeback status mapping based of EFT rules.

Payneteasy provides PSPs and merchants with all the information they need about chargebacks based on the EFT rules (Visa, Mastercard).

Dispute Management Tools
  • Since international payment systems adhere to the different order in a chargeback status definition, tracking chargeback stages by different payments requires exceptional knowledge of EFT rules.
  • With Payneteasy, the chargeback stages are automatically analyzed and matched, so companies always have the most up-to-date information about their chargeback status and about the actions that need to be taken within the dispute-management process.
Chargeback level calculation based on EFT rules

Since different EFT’s set different rules for chargeback ratio calculation, comparing chargeback number with a number of the approved transactions is not the most effective way to manage chargebacks.

Payneteasy provides PSPs with automatic tools for chargeback level calculation based on unique ETF rules. (Vise and Mastercard).

Advantages for PSPs:

Dispute Management Tools
  • Knowledge into which category their clients are in.
  • Improved decision making abilities based on merchant traffic correction.
  • Obtain additional information to improve risk management and dispute control.
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