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Machine learning balancing system

Combining with a set of balancing strategies such a system helps to sensibly share traffic among acquirers and by this to increase the approval ratio.

Besides, the system settings allow to consider the requirements of banks in terms of the volume and quality of the traffic received.

Pre-installed balancing types

Balancing + chain

Provides traffic distribution among the multiple banks that will receive the same traffic volume or its percentage.

Machine learning balancing system

A scheme for acceptance increasing. The transaction consistently goes through the banks’ chain, formed according to certain criteria, until it gets an approve status.

Machine learning balancing system

An effective strategy helping to improve traffic throughput and meet expectations of acquirers in terms of traffic volume and quality.

On the first step an acquirers chain is being rebalanced. 1on the second - the transaction flows to the resulting chain of banks 2.

Machine learning balancing system Machine learning balancing system

Balancing settings are not limited, based on your business logic and risk-policy, you can build your own strategies.

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