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Fintegrate Cashier System

Consolidate your PSPs into a unified management system.
• Single interface for multiple PSPs management
• Flexible payment strategy
• Increased acceptance rate

Financial department efficiency
Optimize financial department performance through unified reports and statements of all PSPs with an instant, one-click feature.
Speedy integrations
All integrations with banks, payment systems and PSPs performed faster and more effectively than ever!
Boost transaction acceptancy
With our advanced payment strategy tools, your acceptance rate will intelligently increase, making every legit transaction count.
Why bother with several integrations, when you can have a single one?
With one integration, you can connect with all banks, payment systems and PSPs faster and more effectively than ever!
Flexible traffic management
— Set your own rules for different types of traffic routing.
— Auto-learning balancing tools for fast and most effective processing.
— Increase acceptance rates with a smooth and stress-free flow.
Combatting Fraud. You don't need to settle for less.
Payneteasy's unrivalled antifraud system fights your fraud battles, allowing you to concentrate on legitimate business activity.
— Complete set of anti-fraud filters based on your specific business model.
— Auto-learning system which accumulates transaction data and predicts future fraud based on developed criteria.
— Customized limits and rules setting.
— Seamless Ethoca integration for added payment channel protection and fraud prevention.
Financial monitoring and reporting
Unified reports and statements of all PSPs with an instant, one-click feature. Instantly track your earnings with sophisticated and detailed profit reports and analytical tools.
Cost-effective transaction flow
Be completely in-the-know regarding efficiency and overall cost of each payment provider. Make educated and cost-effective decisions for your traffic distribution.
Payment synergy beyond all expectations.
We constantly add new features based on innovative payment trends, so your business always be boosted by the most progressive solution.
  • Support for e-commerce, m-commerce and alternative payment methods – you can connect any wallets and payment systems, including regional ones. Multi-currency support.
  • Full-featured mPOS solution with a state-of-the-art SDK and customization features.
  • Recurring payments with a flexible settings and management tools.
  • Customized payment form in a PCI DSS secured environment.

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