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Prior to his current position as CEO of the leading payment and compliance platform provider Payneteasy, Boaz’s background included the benchmarks of CEO at Aquitek Systems, and Director of Sales at RAD, an Israeli IT firm. He holds a BA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tel Aviv University.
Boaz Gam

Recent articles

By Boaz Gam

Buy Now, Pay Later: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Integration Tips

Buy Now, Pay Later is a relatively new payment method that has taken the eCommerce industry by storm. Keep reading to find out why it has become so popular, what advantages and challenges it has, and how merchants can maximize its potential benefits.

By Boaz Gam

Seller Fraud at Online Marketplaces: How to Combat It?

Ecommerce business expansion on online marketplaces inevitably goes hand in hand with the increasing risk of facing fraud. This is majorly due to the fact that modern marketplaces with embedded payments often act as payment facilitators for the merchants. Despite the fact that this practice allows transaction processing to be more intuitive and easily scalable, it also makes it more prone to malicious attacks.

By Boaz Gam

How to Build a Resilient Merchant Payment Infrastructure

In the ever-changing global environment, it’s incredibly important to build and maintain a merchant payment infrastructure that can withstand anything that comes its way. The overview you’re about to read focuses on the best practices of increasing payments resilience applicable to both merchants operating exclusively online and those pursuing an omnichannel strategy.

By Boaz Gam

Competitiveness of Banks & FIs: Trends, Issues, Perspectives

Companies in the financial sector are going through major adjustments in the environment that experienced a drastic shift throughout the global pandemic. Apart from keeping up with the massive adoption of payment technologies, businesses had to update their strategies while remaining compliant with the new regulations.

By Boaz Gam

PSD2 Review: Insights from the EBA Discussion Paper

The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is the current set of guidelines that regulates payment services across the European Union and the European Economic Area. This directive is being regularly updated to suit the evolving technology and confront the emerging fraud methods. It is also continuously monitored to ensure its effectiveness.

By Boaz Gam

Hosted Payment Page: the Simple and Secure Checkout Tool

Every business strives to ensure a seamless payment process for its customers. While this puzzle has many pieces, one of its critical elements is a smooth online checkout procedure. It can be achieved in different ways, yet one of the best options is to implement a hosted payment page.

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