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By Boaz Gam

Electronic Checks for Businesses: Definition, Benefits, and Implementation

The 2021 Q2 volume of eCheck payments reached a 7.3 billion count with a value of $18.4 trillion. That’s a nearly 25% increase compared to last year. Such rapid growth makes more and more business owners consider offering this payment method to their clients. But what is an eCheck and how does it work? Read ahead to find out the eCheck meaning, how such payments get processed, and whether your business can benefit from them.

By Boaz Gam

Mobile Payment Systems Overview: Types, Benefits, and Integration

Smartphones and tablets are the devices that the majority of consumers have at hand at all times. Thus, no matter if you sell your goods or services online or in-store, integrating mobile payments is vital for offering a smooth shopping experience for your clients.

By Boaz Gam

Advanced Data Security: Tokenization Explained

Online payments have become an integral part of everyday life. However, as e-commerce develops, so does cybercrime. To prevent fraud and protect user data, online payment services are implementing various security protocols.

By Boaz Gam

Your Guide to Credit Сard Processing for Nonprofits

For a nonprofit, every donation counts. That’s why it is crucial to provide the public with the most convenient ways of making contributions. Thus, if your organization is still not accepting credit card payments, it is about time to fix it. This comprehensive guide has all the information you need to get started with credit card processing for nonprofits, including an overview of its benefits and useful tools for implementing it.

By Boaz Gam

Multichannel Vs. Omnichannel Retail

Every retail business aims to build consumer loyalty and ensure an excellent shopping experience. To succeed at this, it is important to track the customer journey and have a competent strategy that covers every point of interaction with the shoppers.

By Boaz Gam

What Is Omnichannel Retail and Why It Works Miracles

The sales process constantly evolves to improve communication, customer satisfaction, and business profitability. Before, one sales channel, such as a physical store, was enough. Later on, technology advanced, and merchants started interacting with the consumers via multiple channels, so email marketing, websites, chatbots, etc., added up.

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